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The Clarita Anderson and Catherine (Kay) Hawthorne Papers

In 1986, Kay Hawthorne joined textile historian Clarita Anderson in an endeavor to document Jacquard-woven coverlets. Over the years, the two women amassed a database of over 14,000 textiles. Originally housed at the University of Maryland, the database came to Saint Vincent College in 2009. This past year, the database now known as the Anderson/Hawthorne Textile Database was converted from it old format (on floppy disks!!) into a searchable online interface. The McCarl Gallery is currently in the process of identifying and adding images into the database records, however, the database is open for public usage.

In addition to the database, Anderson and Hawthorne both gave their research collections in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The papers of these two women contain unpublished manuscript, a massive collection of research on weavers (over 9,000 weavers!!!), and their own personal correspondence and research files.