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Roman Verostko and the Cloud of Unknowing: From Ideas in Mind to Ideas in Code

Roman Verostko (born 1929) is an internationally recognized figure in the development of generative, algorithmic art. Unlike many of his contemporaries who came from engineering and computer science backgrounds, Verostko was a Benedictine monk at Saint Vincent Archabbey and a professionally-trained painter and scholar well-versed in the history of art, philosophy, logic, and theology before he started to work with electronic and digital media in the late 1960s.

Curated by Kerry Morgan and Melanie Pankau at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, the exhibition features over seventy original works from Saint Vincent’s holdings, encompassing Verostko’s early screen/video pieces, electronic machines, mural projects, artist books, and newer editioned prints. Rather than a strict chronological retrospective, the exhibition is organized around major themes that appear throughout Verostko’s work, such as his search for pure form, his interest in logic, his merging of eastern and western aesthetics and philosophy, and his understanding of his home “Pathway Studio” as a modern-day electronic scriptorium.

Visitors are also invited to read the exhibition catalog and watch a panel discussion featuring new media scholars sharing the significant contributions Verostko has made to the field of digital arts.